Loveland, Colo.-based Lightning Systems says that its hydraulic hybrid system, which increases fuel economy using regenerative braking energy, has received an executive order from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) allowing aftermarket conversions of gasoline-powered 2016 model-year Ford E-450 vehicles.

As reported, the LightningHybrids hydraulic system for the Ford E-450 is now available for public or private fleets in California and throughout the U.S. that operate shuttle and paratransit buses, logistics and delivery trucks, and food and beverage vehicles.

“Lightning Systems went through CARB’s rigorous testing and thorough approval processes, and we are thrilled to receive this EO,” says Tim Reeser, CEO of Lightning Systems. “Our system is unique in that it isn’t electric, the hydraulic energy recovery is a more powerful and efficient technology well suited for heavy vehicles and duty cycles, and doesn’t require any infrastructure.”

Lightning Systems was recently named an advanced fuel qualified vehicle modifier (eQVM) by Ford Motor Co. The eQVM program helps fleet and commercial customers meet their unique and specific needs for durable, reliable hybrid work trucks that retain the original powertrain warranty.

In May, the company, formerly known as Lightning Hybrids, announced its name change to Lightning Systems, and in the next two years, it will introduce a new lineup of fleet efficiency products to support commercial and government fleets.

To keep up with demand and support manufacturing of new products, the company has moved its corporate headquarters to the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation & Technology in Loveland. The new space has 45,000 square feet, nearly doubling the size of the company’s existing headquarters.

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