Lancaster Mayor Unveils Plans to Transition to Hydrogen


Mayor R. Rex Parris of Lancaster, Calif., has unveiled plans to transition to hydrogen clean fuel as part of the city’s green energy portfolio.

“Hydrogen is becoming the go-to green fuel for power generation, energy storage, fuel cell cars and anything natural gas has been used for. It is similar to natural gas – without the CO2. Fortunately for us, Lancaster has a plethora of renewable energy. I encourage the world to join me as Lancaster embarks on a brave new path,” says Parris.

Parris outlined the benefits of hydrogen power and traced Lancaster’s path toward integrating hydrogen into its power grid and fuel energy plans. Lancaster, which achieved its 2010 goal of becoming the first net-zero city in the world last year, continues to be at the forefront of green energy. 

Parris announced to the council that the next step is to further integrate other green fuel sources, including hydrogen, into Lancaster’s green energy portfolio. 

“Until these hydrogen projects started coming online, I didn’t think there was any hope for my grandchildren and most of your children because of the climate extinction trends. For the first time, I think we can get a handle on this. We are going to survive this and thrive because of this,” adds Parris.

Photo: R. Rex Parris

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3 years ago

Is this part of the SGH2 Project?€