LA Metro Names Trillium as Bus Depot RNG Supplier


Trillium, a provider of alternative and renewable fueling solutions, has entered a new partnership with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) to provide renewable natural gas (RNG) to two bus depots.

“We at Trillium are excited to partner with Metro to achieve short-term and long-term sustainability goals,” says JP Fjeld-Hansen, vice president of Trillium. “Considering the high passenger volumes and miles ridden each day, this new green partnership will do wonders for the air quality of Los Angeles County.”

The agreement is for a five-year term with the option to extend up to three additional years. Over the five-year term, Trillium will provide Metro over 20 million gallons of RNG and will support Metro’s goal to further reduce the carbon emissions from its entire bus fleet. Metro’s buses fueled by Trillium’s RNG reduce smog-forming nitrogen oxides to 90% lower than the EPA limit.

Trillium says it is committed to expanding its fueling network and clean-fleet solutions throughout California and the U.S. The company operates over 200 alternative fueling stations across the country, offering station design and build expertise, 24/7 operations and maintenance, grant writing and commercial assistance.

Photo: By Todd Jones Photography, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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