Koch Engineered Solutions Investing in Louisiana Renewable Energy Complex


Koch Engineered Solutions says two of its companies, Optimized Process Designs (OPD) and Koch Project Solutions (KPS), are supporting Fidelis Infrastructure LP as partners in the execution and implementation of certain components of the Grön Fuels LLC renewable energy complex. 

The $9.2 billion multi-year program is located at Louisiana’s Port of Greater Baton Rouge. The Grön Fuels complex will produce green hydrogen, renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuels and bioplastic feedstocks. The project also includes biogenic carbon capture and sequestration.

Situated strategically at the crossroads of rail, deepwater ports, the Mississippi River and national pipeline connectivity, Grön’s renewable fuels complex will enable access to both U.S. East and West Coast markets as well as Canadian and European customers. The project will also produce the equivalent of 1,000 MW of green hydrogen produced by electrolysis with a pathway to net negative CO2 carbon footprint due to the biogenic carbon capture and sequestration. 

“We are pleased to partner with Koch Engineered Solutions to assist Fidelis in the advancement of the Grön Fuels ecosystem,” says Dan Shapiro, co-founder, managing partner and CEO of Fidelis Infrastructure. “The combination of deep expertise in engineering, procurement and construction, project management, and operational excellence makes KES and its execution subsidiary, OPD, the perfect project delivery partner for the renewable fuels complex.”

Photo: An artistic rendering of the Grön Fuels LLC renewable energy complex

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