KCE Wins Contract to Support California Transit District’s GETBus Fleet


Kaizen Clean Energy (KCE) has been awarded a contract from the Golden Empire Transit District (Bakersfield, Calif.) for an off-grid hydrogen fueling station and hydrogen-based microgrid to support the district’s GETBus’s expanding Zero-Emission fleet.

Under the contract, KCE will provide a KCE-150 microgrid capable of producing up to 150 kW of power and a hydrogen fueling station delivering up to 460 kg of H2 per day. The power produced from the KCE-150 will serve the hydrogen fueling station and/or provide electric vehicle DC fast charging.

KCE’s onsite hydrogen production allows GETBus to control its hydrogen fuel supply, reduce harmful emissions and provide electrical grid resilient service to its customer base. The KCE technology has been proven and deployed in extreme weather and remote locations to support the replacement of diesel generators and EV charging.

“Kaizen’s hydrogen fueling stations are the most cost-effective systems to fuel hydrogen fuel cell vehicle fleets, providing customers with delivered hydrogen costs significantly less than compressed or liquid hydrogen technologies,” says Eric Smith, chief commercial officer at KCE.

KCE’s hydrogen reformers utilize methanol as a hydrogen carrier. Hydrogen is transported to customers’ sites in the form of methanol, and the methanol is stored on-site and reformed into hydrogen on demand. Methanol is a liquid at ambient conditions, making it more cost-effective and safer to transport and store than hydrogen itself or other hydrogen carriers such as ammonia.

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