Inbound Logistics Names Ryder Green Supply Chain Partner


Ryder System Inc., a company that specializes in supply chain, dedicated transportation and commercial fleet management solutions, has been named as a “Green Supply Chain Partner” in the annual Inbound Logistics “G75” special section for the 12th consecutive year. 

This award recognizes the 75 leading companies that demonstrate a deep commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

Ryder is committed to sustainability efforts across all business units and is uniquely positioned to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations as well as those of its customers, while embracing continuous improvement as core to its business.

“From recycling automotive and warehouse waste materials to optimizing entire logistics networks to maximize efficiencies, Ryder focuses on making its customers’ supply chain operations more sustainable from end-to-end,” says Steve Sensing, president of global supply chain solutions for Ryder.

Each of Ryder’s warehouses operate under LEAN principles to minimize waste and optimize efficiency. The company focuses on continuous improvement across all functions, analyzing process flows to identify waste and eliminate anything that doesn’t create value. Ryder has also committed significant efforts to recycling across its network. Each year, Ryder recycles nearly three million gallons of used oil, more than 880,000 gallons of oily water, more than 12,000 drums of used oil filters, nearly 48,000 gallons of solvent, and more than 2 million oil filters.

To improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, Ryder utilizes cleaner-burning fuels and invests in alternative fuel technology. Ryder has nearly a thousand active alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) in its fleet and has trained more than 6,000 maintenance and service employees across North America on the new technologies. 

To vertically integrate its offerings, Ryder partnered with In-Charge to provide customers access to the industry’s first single-source EV technology infrastructure solution, making it easier for customers to incorporate EVs into their fleets and enabling broader adoption of commercial EV technology throughout North America.

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Photo: Each of the warehouses that Ryder manages operate under LEAN principles to minimize waste and optimize efficiency

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