In Maine? Need CNG? Truck Loads Will Soon Be Available


Energy services firm Dead River Co. and Xpress Natural Gas (XNG), a company that specializes in supplying compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) to various entities, have formed a partnership that will make CNG widely available to large fleets and other customers in Maine.

XNG currently trucks LNG to Maine-based industrial customers, such as the pulp and paper mills in Madison and Lincoln. The company will soon also begin delivering CNG via a terminal in Baileyville, which is located on the Canadian border near the Bay of Fundy. Dead River Co. will sell and supply CNG from this terminal to commercial and institutional customers.

‘The reality is most areas of the state of Maine will never see a natural gas pipeline. The cost is simply prohibitive,’ says Bob Moore, president of Dead River Co. ‘Our partnership with Xpress Natural Gas presents an immediate solution to Maine companies with high energy use who are looking for alternatives.’

For more information, contact Dead River Co. at (207) 358-5800.

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