Illinois On Its Way To Offering Wide-Access Electric Vehicle Charging


350Green LLC and 7-Eleven Inc. joined Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and representatives from state agency the Illinois Tollway this week to formally announce the build-out of one of the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging networks in the U.S.

EV fast-chargers are currently available at 7-Eleven sites at four Tollway Oasis locations, and three more are set to come online in the coming months. Also, the Chicago-Area EV Infrastructure Project (a state program) has already deployed 26 fast-chargers out of a total of 73. Eight of these are currently in place at various Tollway Oasis locations.

These systems were installed by Chicago-based JNS Power & Control Systems and are managed by 350Green.

‘With this announcement, the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois have the largest and most advanced fast-charging EV infrastructure in the U.S.,’ said Mariana Gerzanych, co-founder and CEO of 350Green. ‘Whether you are at a mall, a drugstore or now on the open road, electric vehicle drivers can take comfort in knowing a charging station will be just around the corner.’

The City of Chicago's own program, which draws from $1.9 million in public funding and $6.9 million in private investment, will involve the installation of 280 charging stations. These EV stations are being installed mostly in areas with dense residential and worker populations and in high-traffic areas.

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