Icom Appoints Propane Autogas Installer in Northeast


Icom North America, a manufacturer of propane autogas vehicle system technologies, has tapped auto repair and maintenance services provider Cusson Automotive Inc. to serve as an Icom distributor and installer for Connecticut.

Cusson Automotive, based outside of Hartford in South Windsor, Conn., has been in operation for two decades and has built a base of business with various fleets in the state. In addition to providing full service for passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks, Cusson also handles service for medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses.

As an Icom partner, Cusson will work with its fleets and other customers to expand the market for Icom's proprietary JTG liquid-injection propane systems, including the bi-fuel JTG II, JTGhp and JTG-D products. These systems are EPA-certified for dozens of OEM vehicle platforms.

‘Our plan is to put Connecticut on the map for propane,’ Don Cusson, owner of Cusson Automotive, tells NGT News.

Icom and Cusson will also be able to work with its fleet customers to coordinate propane refueling infrastructure solutions through existing partners such as AmeriGas Autogas.

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