Hyzon Remains on Track to Commercialize 200 kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell System


Hyzon Motors Inc., a hydrogen fuel cell technology developer and supplier of zero-emission heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), says it has successfully completed factory acceptance testing of its first nine single-stack 200 kW fuel cell system B-samples at its production center in Bolingbrook, Ill.

By achieving this milestone, Hyzon remains on track to begin production and commercialization of its fuel cell system next year. This achievement follows the commissioning of Hyzon’s proprietary, automated roll-to-roll membrane electrode assembly production line, including in-line inspection and the installation of its single cell and fully automated fuel cell stack manufacturing lines.

Progression of the 200 kW system B-samples validates the design, equipment and operating procedures, which are all critical to the final tooling and production of C-samples and neventual commercialization. 

Hyzon notes it is positioning to increase its manufacturing rate with the installation of additional full and semi-automation equipment in the assembly and inspection processes, which is already under way. The company expects the remaining 16 B-samples to be complete and the production of C-samples to begin in the second half of this year.

While most fuel cell EV suppliers achieve 200 kW of output by coupling two ~110 kW fuel cell systems, Hyzon has developed proprietary material, design and equipment engineering enabling 200 kW of output from a single stack. This results in a ~20% increase in miles per kilogram of hydrogen, ~30% smaller volume and weight, and ~25% lower cost, the company says.

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