Hyundai Delivers First Fuel Cell Vehicle in Ontario


Hyundai handed over the keys to the first Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCEV) to a customer in Ontario. Joseph Cargnelli, chief technology officer and co-founder of Mississauga-based Hydrogenics Corp., took delivery of his 2015 Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle.

“I am extremely proud to be Hyundai’s first customer in Ontario to take delivery of a fuel cell vehicle,” says Cargnelli. “Hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology has the incredible potential to revolutionize our world by delivering clean energy to meet our every need; this is especially true when it comes to transportation.”

In November 2014, Hyundai Auto Canada announced it would become the first Canadian automotive company to offer its Tucson Fuel Cell to actual, real-world customers. Since the first vehicle delivery took place in February 2015, six Tucson FCEVs have been delivering thousands of zero-emissions kilometers on the roads of British Columbia.

“There is no doubt in my mind that fuel cell powertrains are ready for prime time. We have proven that time and again,” says Don Romano, president and CEO of Hyundai Auto Canada. “We believe that fuel cells are the future for the automotive industry, and Hyundai has shown the technology has matured. The next step facing governments at all levels [is] investing in a network of hydrogen fueling stations so more customers can enjoy zero-emissions driving.”

Hyundai’s advanced fuel cell technology effectively replaces the battery pack used in an electric vehicle by generating electricity from an electrochemical process that involves stored hydrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere. The process does not involve hydrogen combustion, and there are no moving parts within the fuel cell stack. The only byproduct is pure water vapor, making the Tucson FCEV a zero-emissions electric vehicle.

The Tucson FCEV takes less than five minutes to refuel with hydrogen gas and can deliver an estimated 265 miles of emissions-free driving.

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Kenny Weinstein
Kenny Weinstein
7 years ago

Please explain where the hydrogen comes from?
thanks Kenny