HyFive Project: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Take Center Stage


Five auto manufacturers have joined with hydrogen fuel suppliers and governmental bodies to kick off the HyFive project, which will see the pilot-scale deployment of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and associated refueling infrastructure in diverse European cities.

Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, BMW and Daimler will all be providing their own hydrogen vehicles – 110 of them, in total – in places such as London, Copenhagen and Munich. The project partners are also pursuing ‘new clusters of hydrogen refueling stations,’ which will be developed in the U.K., Austria and Denmark. Hydrogen fuel companies including Air Products, Linde, Copenhagen Hydrogen Network, ITM Power and OMV will be participating in the fueling portion of the project.

‘To sell this technology, we need to show Londoners and the wider world that it is not science fiction,’ said London Mayor Boris Johnson. ‘By building the vehicles and the filling stations and allowing people to kick the tires, we will be able to demonstrate that hydrogen is a viable option.’

The new hydrogen refueling stations are expected to be operational next year. These facilities will join 12 existing hydrogen stations to meet the project's baseload fueling needs.

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