Hydro-Quebec Planning Substantial Public EV Charging Network


Canadian utility Hydro-Quebec and a group of project partners are initiating The Electric Circuit, which is intended to be Canada's first public charging network for plug-in electric vehicles (EVs).

The utility says the first charging stations will be operational in early 2012 at the project partners' business sites and at several park-and-ride facilities. The Electric Circuit will initially comprise approximately 100 240 V charging stations, and 400 V quick-charge stations will be added later next year.

‘While the vast majority of recharging will be done at home and at work, the availability of a public charging network is essential to meet customers' backup or emergency needs,’ says Thierry Vandal, CEO of Hydro-Quebec.

Hydro-Quebec notes that it will issue a formal call for tenders from EV charging-station suppliers in the coming weeks.

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