Hino Trucks Focuses on Next-Generation Vehicle Fleet Connectivity


Hino Trucks has introduced Hino Edge, a third-generation connected vehicle solution that synergizes the digital connection between the fleet customer, dealer network, telematics service providers (TSP) and Hino Ultimate Support Center.

This solution replaces Hino Insight and is included on qualifying model year 2022 and newer Hino conventional trucks as standard equipment.

Hino customers will receive five years of complimentary access to Edge’s fleet management web portal and mobile hub app named Hino Ultimate. The fully integrated connectivity ecosystem delivers vehicle location tracking, a live fleet performance dashboard, vehicle health monitoring including real-time fault notifications with severity ratings, simplified service experience with case communication, and the flexibility to add-on a third-party advanced telematics service from one of Hino Trucks preferred partners.

“The enhanced suite of capabilities from Hino Edge and the wealth of assistance it provides are key advantages to our customers through unmatched operational efficiencies,” says Dominik Beckman, director of marketing, dealer operations, and connected vehicle. “Then there is the new addition of the Hino Ultimate app, putting real-time actionable information in the palm of your hand. It’s the complete solution customers are asking for and we are excited to deliver!”

Hino Trucks has partnered with top TSPs to integrate business systems with Edge. Customers may elect to have vehicle data directly sent to the TSP of their choice – saving the cost of purchasing telematics equipment and increasing the vehicle information accessible by TSPs, enabling higher value reporting. Current partners include GeoTab, MiX Telematics and Samsara with more TSPs being added.

“Each one of these companies provides strategic enablement for a more connected and efficient vehicle helping customers gain greater clarity to make better business decisions,” comments Rachel Suttle, connected vehicle program manager.

Hino customers will benefit from T-Mobile’s network and resource portfolio for real-time vehicle communication and business empowering solutions.

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