Hino Motors Finalizes 2020 Environment Initiative Plan


Hino Motors Ltd. has finalized its 2020 Environment Initiative Plan, an action plan for environmental measures spanning from fiscal 2016 to 2020.

Under this new plan, Hino says it will continue focusing on the main areas designated in its 2015 Environment Initiative Plan, including building a low-carbon society, establishing a closed-loop economy, and promoting environmental conservation and management.

In addition, as a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, Hino plans to step up its efforts to make its vehicles more environmentally friendly over their entire product lifecycles.

For example, the company will work to improve the fuel efficiency of its buses and trucks while developing and promoting next-generation, low-emission vehicles. That includes conducting research on electric vehicles and on technologies for enabling the use of alternative fuels.

Hino also intends to reduce its CO2 emissions at the production and logistics stages by making its manufacturing more environmentally friendly and its transport operations more efficient.

For more information about the 2020 Environment Initiative Plan, click here.

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