Hexagon Purus Providing Hydrogen Storage Systems to KEYOU


KEYOU, a German clean mobility company, has selected Hexagon Purus to supply hydrogen storage systems for its H2 combustion engine as a part of KEYOU’s DEMO project. 

KEYOU has redesigned the traditional internal combustion engine, enabling it to run on hydrogen. The company says it has succeeded in developing an emission-free, cost-effective hydrogen drive for commercial vehicles – without compromising performance, capacity or range.

“KEYOU and Hexagon Purus share a common vision and a common interest – to drive the energy transition and achieve clean air everywhere,” says Michael Kleschinski, EVP of Hexagon Purus. “As more European countries and cities announce strategic policies to promote the decarbonization of mobility, more commercial vehicles – especially city buses and heavy-duty trucks – will be rapidly transitioned.”

Hexagon Purus’ storage systems will be supplied from its Kassel, Germany, and Kelowna, Canada, facilities. The first deliveries will be in November 2021.

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