Hexagon Lincoln Nets TUFFSHELL CNG Cylinder Orders for Truck, Transit Fleets


Hexagon Lincoln, a Nebraska-based division of Hexagon Composites, says it will be delivering approximately $15 million worth of its TUFFSHELL compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders to heavy-duty-truck and transit fleets, largely in the second half of 2014.

TUFFSHELL CNG cylinders are Type 4 tanks made of high-strength carbon fiber and glass-hybrid material with a polymer liner. They are available in both strap-mount and boss-mount designs to accommodate various natural gas vehicle applications, and in numerous standard sizes. The ANSI/NGV 2 tanks are equipped with pressure-relief devices that vent CNG into the atmosphere if the ambient temperature reaches 230 degrees F.

The company notes that its facility expansion in Lincoln, Neb., is currently underway to fulfill the new book of orders.

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