Hexagon Agility Secures Estes Order for 50 Additional Natural Gas-Powered Trucks


Hexagon Agility says Estes Express Lines, the largest privately owned freight carrier in North America, has ordered an additional 50 natural gas-powered trucks with Hexagon Agility’s 175 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) ProCab compressed natural gas (CNG)/renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel systems.

Estes’ new trucks will be equipped with Cummins-Westport’s near-zero-emissions natural gas engines and Hexagon Agility’s integrated Blue iQ. These new trucks will be delivered in the spring and used in Estes’ California fleet. The 50 new CNG/RNG trucks are in addition to Estes’ existing 21 CNG/RNG trucks operating throughout Texas.

Additionally, Estes has signed a fuel supply agreement to fuel its CNG trucks with RNG. RNG, made from organic waste, is a pipeline-quality gas fully interchangeable with CNG and is the cleanest commercial fuel available. When sourced from farm waste, it can produce a negative-carbon footprint.  

“At Estes, we believe we have a responsibility to provide top-of-the-line transportation solutions,” says Michael Palmer, vice president of fleet services at Estes. “RNG is enabling us to drive towards carbon-negative performance while reducing costs in our LTL operations. With Hexagon Agility’s expertise, we are fortunate to have them as our partner to help meet our sustainability goals.”

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