Heavy Hauler to Deploy APG Dual-Fuel Natural Gas Systems in Fleet


W.W. Transport Inc., an Iowa-based transportation services company that operates nationwide, is acquiring 10 of American Power Group Inc.'s (APG) Turbocharged Natural Gas dual-fuel systems for its Class 8 trucks.

Clarke Power Services, a member company of APG partner WheelTime Network, coordinated the order for W.W. Transport.

‘We plan to operate a fleet of both dedicated and dual-fuel natural gas vehicles based on the best match of power and load,’ says Kyle Weuve, W.W. Transport's chief financial officer, who notes that the Turbocharged Natural Gas system can handle ‘heavier loads with no loss of power and torque.’

The company already operates its own compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling infrastructure in Wood River, Ill., and it is in the midst of building its second CNG station.

‘The APG system should be a perfect match for their medium- to heavy-haul loads,’ adds Lyle Jensen, CEO of American Power Group Corp.

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