Heavy-Duty Trucking Fleets Receive Incentives to Deploy Natural Gas Vehicles


British Columbia-based utility FortisBC has announced that it is awarding a total of $6 million in incentives to seven fleets in an effort to increase the number of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) operating in the province.

With the funding assistance, BC Transit, BFI Canada, the City of Vancouver, Cold Star Freight System Inc., Emterra Environmental, School District No. 23 (Kelowna) and Smithrite Disposal Ltd. will collectively deploy 150 heavy-duty NGVs. This is part of a $104.5 million B.C. provincial program launched last May.

‘The government of B.C. is committed to ensuring natural gas is a significant part of the transportation sector because it is cheaper, cleaner and abundant,’ says Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Mary Polak. ‘This new program will help encourage more transportation companies to use natural gas as the transportation fuel choice of the future.’

FortisBC administers the funding program, offsetting up to 75% of the incremental capital cost of acquiring a natural gas vehicle (versus the cost of an equivalent diesel vehicle).

Heavy-duty fleet operators can receive more information HERE http://fortisbc.com/ngt or send an email to ngt@fortisbc.com.

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