Heavy-Duty Fleet Adding Stop-Start Technology to Tractors


England Van Lines, a moving company based in San Jose, Calif., says it will be retrofitting its fleet of heavy-duty trucks – mostly Volvo sleeper cabs – with new stop-start technology that will allow drivers to coast through traffic lights without having to stop. Or, if a stop is required, the tool automatically cuts the engine in order to conserve energy.

The new technology uses wireless signals emitted by traffic lights in order to inform the driver of the exact speed that needs to be followed in order to avoid upcoming red lights. If the driver catches the red light anyway, the engine shuts down as soon as the driver makes a full stop. The engine then automatically reactivates seconds before the light turns green.

‘We believe this will help us reduce fuel expenditures and, more importantly, drastically reduce the amount of time our drivers need to spend on the road. During cross country trips, we should see enormous returns,’ the company says.

England Van Lines notes that it has been ‘steadily introducing new vehicle technology which will reduce the number of accidents, carbon emissions and time spent driving.’

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