Hawaii Governor Signs Bill to Expand Renewable Hydrogen Refueling Options


Hawaii Gov. David Ige has signed into law a package of bills that includes SB2570 (Act 241) – Relating to Zero Emission Vehicle Fueling Rebates, which aims to create a renewable hydrogen refueling system rebate program for the state.

According to the bill, developers of new hydrogen refueling infrastructure are eligible for rebates up to $200,000, so long as the locations store and dispense hydrogen that is considered “renewable.” The bill defines that as fuel “produced entirely from renewable sources that have a life cycle emissions of not more than 50 grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour.”

Existing hydrogen refueling locations are also eligible for rebates up to $200,000 for projects that expand the capacity of their sites – again, only if the hydrogen is renewable.

The bill states that rebate priority will be given to projects “that are publicly available, serve multiple tenants, employees, or customers, or serve electric vehicle fleets.”

The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission is tasked with administering the program or contracting the work to a qualified third party. Refueling infrastructure that is built or upgraded on or after Jan. 1, 2023, will be eligible.

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