Halliburton Mobilizing Nearly 100 Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles


Energy industry behemoth Halliburton is rolling out a pilot-scale fleet of approximately 100 light-duty compressed natural gas (CNG) OEM vehicles across several field locations in the U.S.

‘With this pilot program, we expect to obtain a wealth of information on what it would take to bring about a successful, broader adoption of CNG light-duty vehicles across the company,’ says Halliburton Western Hemisphere President Jim Brown.

The new CNG trucks will be deployed in 15 of the company's sites in seven states, including Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, California, Louisiana and Utah.

‘The pilot fleet has been assigned to locations where there is existing, public CNG infrastructure in close proximity to our facilities,’ the company told NGT News.

Halliburton anticipates that each vehicle will save the company more than $5,000 annually in fuel costs. All of the vehicles – a mix of Ford and Chevrolet models – are 3/4-ton pickups with four-wheel drive, the company says.

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