H2-Greenforce Receives Series A Investment to Debut Green Island


H2-Greenforce, the latest green hydrogen production, distribution and storage technology, has received a Series A investment of $12 million. 

The financing will be used to further the proprietary technology platform and to fund business and project development.

H2-Greenforce is introducing a new, self-sustainable way of harvesting hydrogen to reduce pollution, meet the demands of electric vehicle (EV) mobility and drive down green hydrogen costs enough to power the energy infrastructure.

“H2-Greenforce has developed a unique offer and proprietary technology for this developing green hydrogen market,” says Kevin Harrington. “What Del and the team have built is impressive, and I am excited to be a part of a business that is bringing green hydrogen to the market at utility-scale. This is a great example of the type of founder-led, growth market business I like to invest in.”

The momentum around EV adoption and decarbonization regulation is rising. Current power infrastructure does not have the capacity to handle future energy demand. H2’s stationary production and storage solution, Green Island, is designed to take advantage of renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydropower, to convert water into green hydrogen and oxygen, and then store and distribute it on-premise. The solution scales from 2.2 MW up to an industrial scale of 200 MW and beyond. Green Island also captures pure oxygen byproduct for distribution to medical and industrial users.

Since its official launch, H2-Greenforce has attracted global interest and is in the process of building its first industrial scale Green Island in Germany, in addition to a pipeline of projects in Europe, Africa and North America.

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