GTI, Quantum Among Potential Awardees for Natural Gas Engine Research Funds


The California Energy Commission has announced proposed awardees for $2.6 million in new grant funds aimed at supporting research and development projects that specifically target natural gas engines for Class 3 to Class 7 vehicles.

The solicitation, which was announced in December 2012, looked for projects that ‘demonstrate promising technologies that advance the performance, fuel efficiency and competitiveness of natural gas engines.’ Engine sizes in the 6.0-liter to 8.0-liter range were the priority.

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) has been selected for a proposed $1 million award to pursue advanced technologies for a 6.7-liter natural gas engine platform. GTI will put matching funds of approximately $2.16 million to work on this project.

Also in line for a $1 million award is Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc., which is performing R&D on an 8.8-liter natural gas engine. Quantum intends to invest at least $750,000 of its own capital in the project.

Finally, the University of California system is planning on researching the potential for dynamic skip fire (DSF) technology, which is aimed at increasing the performance of natural gas engines. The Regents of the University of California will match $125,000 to a $600,000 grant.

Funding is contingent upon approval of the projects during a public meeting of the commission and execution of a grant agreement.

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