Greenkraft Deploys CNG Trucks in Southern California Cities


Greenkraft Inc., a major manufacturer in the alternative fuel engine and vehicle market, says that it has placed six compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks in a Southern California city and will be placing an additional six CNG trucks in a second Southern California city shortly.

Greenkraft says its trucks meet all of the city requirements and can be used by municipalities for their daily operations.

In addition to these 12 trucks and the new revenue generated, Greenkraft says it can now offer favorable financing options for Greenkraft truck purchasers, making it much more affordable for those buying a fleet of trucks. The company believes these new financing options will pave the way for a great deal of new revenue in 2017.

George Gemayel, CEO of Greenkraft Inc., says, “Greenkraft has been flying under the radar as one of the country’s leading alternative fuel truck companies, and now, we are starting to gain the proper recognition in the industry. It’s a huge validation to Greenkraft’s hard work when cities and municipalities are choosing our trucks for their day-to-day operations. We are going to be making these places cleaner by reducing the amount of pollution caused every day by diesel trucks.”

Earlier this month, Greenkraft announced its plans to expand to a bigger factory this year and also introduce an entire new line of trucks called the G3 and G4, which are larger-sized trucks in weights of 26,000 lbs and 33,000 lbs, respectively, that run on CNG and propane fuel. The company says this new expansion is to fulfill growing demand for both current models and the new ones.

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