Geotab Routing and Optimization Solution Boosts Fleet Efficiency


Geotab Inc., a provider of connected transportation solutions, has launched its Routing and Optimization tool at Geotab Connect in Las Vegas.

A driver who has 10 stops to complete in one day could have more than 3 million routes to choose from. Using Geotab’s Routing and Optimization solution, fleet managers can isolate the most efficient route based on data insights, including customer needs including requested arrival windows, traffic data and available fleet resources. This helps businesses control costs and improve customer service.

The Routing and Optimization solution addresses cost and efficiency challenges. By driving optimized routes, businesses can increase the number of jobs completed daily, enhance operational transparency, increase on-time arrivals up to 98% and reduce mileage by about 15% to 30%. For fleets with electric vehicles, driving more efficient routes can help preserve range, simplifying the use and management of an electric fleet.

“Geotab’s Routing and Optimization tool is redefining how fleet managers tackle their day-to-day operations to drive efficiency and ultimately increase customer satisfaction,” says Sabina Martin, vice president of product management at Geotab. “Utilizing Geotab’s data intelligence, our latest technology ensures that the right resources are dispatched to the right locations at optimal times. With greater efficiency from the solution, we believe businesses could save millions of dollars annually.”

This solution is designed to be scalable, enabling customers to leverage the tool for a growing number of use cases. Today, the solution has various modules to meet the needs of different fleet segments. Fleets can utilize route optimization, which mathematically weighs business priorities when routing, considering continuity of care, timelines and distance traveled. For longer trips, the long-range planning application aids in minimizing driving time, and the territory planning application enables users to visualize their service areas and manage resource allocation to prevent route overlap.

Additionally, the appointment application enhances scheduling capabilities, offering more accurate appointment arrival windows. To further streamline operations, the solution includes dispatch and real-time notifications, which improve visibility and communication and optimize task reassignments quickly. Lastly, a status interface is incorporated to facilitate direct communication between customers and frontline agents, ensuring that service expectations are met with precision.

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