GE Business Unit Aiming to Make CNG Refueling More Accessible


GE Capital Fleet Services has formed an agreement with VNG.CO LLC whereby the companies will work together to expand the availability of compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling infrastructure for light-duty fleets.

‘We know from our customers that many commercial fleets want to adopt CNG vehicles. The barrier is the cost and availability of CNG fueling stations. Our alliance with VNG is a step toward breaking down this barrier,’ says Kristi Webb, CEO of GE Capital Fleet Services.

The company will first ascertain with its fleet customers the extent to which natural gas vehicle are practical. If a shift to NGVs makes sense, GE Capital Fleet Services connects its customers to VNG, which puts CNG equipment on site at existing retail fueling locations in a fleet's area. This eliminates the need for fleets to own and maintain their own refueling stations.

‘We're working with VNG to make the connection between providers driving growth of the CNG refueling infrastructure – in the right markets and locations – and owners who want to grow their CNG fleets,’ Webb adds.

VNG uses GE's CNG In A Box system as a part of its installations.

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