GAIN Clean Fuel Expands Two CNG Partnerships


In addition to its newly revealed alliance with Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc., GAIN Clean Fuel, a brand of U.S. Gain, has announced it is expanding partnerships with two other companies.

The company says it is again working with Ruan Transportation Management Systems to build a GAIN Clean Fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) station. Located at 1205 Frontier Dr. in Fergus Falls, Minn., the new station will be used to meet Ruan's expanding CNG needs.

“Ruan has been a great partner, and we're happy to be expanding our relationship,” says U.S. Gain General Manager Bill Renz. “They recognize the environmental benefits and cost savings of using CNG and use it to improve their service and be more competitive.”

“This is a good next step forward for our company,” adds Bob Hogstad, Ruan's vice president of operations. “CNG use in the dedicated carriage industry is growing, and this not only gives us a competitive advantage by offering an additional fueling choice, it helps us meet our sustainability goals.”

This represents the second GAIN Clean Fuel station the partners have collaborated on, with the other facility located in Des Moines, Iowa.

GAIN Clean Fuel is also expanding its partnership with CNG provider and station builder “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems LP and its affiliates to include the “O” Ring CNG facility located along Hwy. 31 in Somerset, Pa. The station will be co-branded as “O” Ring CNG/GAIN Clean Fuel and will be included in GAIN Clean Fuel's nationwide infrastructure of CNG stations.

“We've established a great working relationship with “O” Ring, and we're excited about continuing our partnership with this new site,” says Renz. “The Somerset location builds upon the strong GAIN Clean Fuel network in the Northeast United States and will provide convenient access for both regional and national carriers.”

GAIN Clean Fuel and “O” Ring previously partnered to co-brand four other CNG fueling stations, all located in Pennsylvania.

“We've formed a great alliance that helps both our companies achieve our goals of promoting CNG use as an alternative to diesel fuel,” says “O” Ring CEO Robert Beatty. “CNG costs less, produces fewer emissions and creates energy security in America.”

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