Funding Round Supports Buy-Downs of Propane, Natural Gas Vehicles


The California Energy Commission has approved more than $5 million in funding for buy-down incentives for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and propane autogas vehicles.

A total of 385 alternative fuel vehicles are targeted with this funding round: 250 propane vehicles and 135 will be NGVs. Awardees use the incentives to help cover the incremental cost of acquiring new vehicles that meet California Air Resources Board emission requirements. The buy-down incentives are reserved for OEMs or their designated dealers, and the savings are then passed on to buyers at the time of sale.

The awardees include the following:

  • A-Z Bus Sales: $1.94 million for 97 propane-powered school buses;
  • American Chevrolet: $20,000 for two propane vehicles (14,001-26,000 lbs. GVW);
  • American Honda Motor Co.: $198,000 for 66 light-duty NGVs;
  • Big Valley Ford: $48,000 for eight propane vehicles (8,501-14,000 lbs. GVW) and $150,000 for 15 propane vehicles (14,001-26,000 lbs. GVW);
  • Bonander Buick-GMC: $20,000 for two propane vehicles (14,001-26,000 lbs. GVW);
  • Creative Bus Sales: $600,000 for 60 propane vehicles (14,001-26,000 lbs. GVW);
  • Galpin Motors Inc.: $150,000 for 25 propane vehicles (8,501-14,000 lbs. GVW) and $120,000 for 12 propane vehicles (14,001-26,000 lbs. GVW);
  • Grech Motors LLC: $224,000 for seven NGVs (26,001+ lbs. GVW);
  • Greenkraft Inc.: $400,000 for 20 NGVs (14,001-26,000 lbs. GVW) and $884,000 for 34 NGVs (26,001+ lbs. GVW);
  • Harper Motors: $60,000 for six propane vehicles (14,001-26,000 lbs. GVW);
  • Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc.: $200,000 for 20 propane vehicles (14,001-26,000 lbs. GVW);
  • Peterbilt Motors Co.: $208,000 for eight NGVs (26,001+ lbs. GVW);
  • Tom's Truck Center North County: $30,000 for three propane vehicles (14,001-26,000 lbs. GVW).
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