Fuel Systems Solutions Adds Heavy Hitter With Dresser CUBOGAS Acquisition


Fuel Systems Solutions Inc., a designer and manufacturer of alternative fuel components and systems for transportation applications, has acquired the CUBOGAS compressor division of Dresser Italia, which specializes in natural gas compressors and packaging technologies.

‘We continue to build our infrastructure and natural gas compressor product lines to serve the growing demand from commercial, fleet and consumer customers,’ says Mariano Costamagna, CEO of Fuel Systems Solutions. ‘The CUBOGAS brand adds a new line of compressed natural gas (CNG) compressor and packaging products for a wide range of applications.’

Fuel Systems Solutions says the acquisition includes CUBOGAS trademarks, a manufacturing license for Nuovo Pignone vertical reciprocating compressors, and a license to use the Dresser trademark in connection with the manufacture, development and distribution of former Dresser CNG compressor systems.

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