FPT Industrial to Reveal 9-Liter CNG Engine in Beijing


FPT Industrial, a manufacturer of compressed natural gas (CNG) engines, says it will unveil its first 9-liter diesel equivalent engine at the Beijing Bus and Truck Show, taking place on May 23 through May 26.
The Cursor 9 CNG engine, based on the Class Cursor 9 diesel architecture, offers power up to 400 hp 2.000 rpm and torque up to 1.700 Nm 1.200 rpm while having emissions lower than Euro VI, the company asserts.
According to FPT Industrial, the six-cylinder engine – useful for heavy haulage, garbage collection, and city and intercity transportation – is powered by natural gas in its CNG, liquefied natural gas or renewable form (biomethane). In addition, the Cursor 9 CNG uses stoichiometric combustion to generate its power.
Moreover, the company says the Cursor 9 CNG does not need exhaust gas recirculation or selective catalytic reduction but relies on a three-way catalyst. A compact catalytic converter is located at the end of the exhaust, with an integrated structure plated with metal. Where the platinum and palladium convert CO and HC into CO2 and H2O, the Rodium converts NOX into N2.
The Cursor 9 CNG, which replaces the 7.8-liter Cursor 8 CNG, boasts increased displacement, new multipoint fuel injectors and a new fuel rail to allow for a higher flow rate.
The new engine has a Ni-resist, cast-iron exhaust manifold and a water-cooled wastegate turbocharger, which the company says increases reliability. This is further supported by new piston rings to increase the oil service intervals by 17% compared with the Cursor 8 CNG.

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