Florida School District Chooses CNG for Buses


The school district in Charlotte County, Fla., has approved a plan that will see an initial 30 school buses transitioned to compressed natural gas (CNG), as well as the construction of the associated CNG refueling infrastructure.

Florida-based Nopetro LLC won the county's bid to develop the CNG station, which will be built on Carmalita St. in Punta Gorda. Fort Myers ABC affiliate WZVN reports that the bid process was a two-year effort for county officials.

‘It's a win for the school district because of the cost savings associated with the change from diesel to compressed natural gas,’ board member Ian Vincent told WZVN.

The first new CNG buses, which will cost up to $155,000 each, will be in operation in 2016. Charlotte County's NGVs will refuel at the Nopetro CNG station, along with NGVs from other nearby fleets.

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