Florida County Opens CNG Fueling Facility for 100-Vehicle Fleet


St. Johns County has entered into a partnership with Nopetro to build a compressed natural gas (CNG) station within the county’s public works facility, enhancing northeast Florida’s alternative energy efforts and serving the county’s 100-vehicle fleet, according to the Jacksonville Business Journal.

As reported, Nopetro invested $3 million to build the facility, and the county committed to purchase 100,000 gallons in its first year for county fleet vehicles, including public works and animal control vehicles. In order to jump-start business for Nopetro, the county says it will not charge the company for land use for two to three years.

This station will serve the St. Johns County fleet, which was converted to CNG with the help of a $737,000 grant from the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization and a $250,000 grant from the state.

Several natural gas facilities – such as those owned by Champion Brands, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority or an upcoming facility to be used by Crowley Maritime Corp. – have opened in Duval County, another northeast Florida area, within the last year.

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