Flatbed Carrier Installing Idle-Reduction Technology in Its Fleet


WilMar Trucking LLC says it will be performing a fleet-wide deployment of engine start-stop technology from Idle Smart following pilot-testing of the technology among a few of its heavy-duty trucks.

‘Idle time has been a big issue in our operation, and we're always looking for ways to improve fuel economy, so we tried Idle Smart,’ says Josh Maness, safety manager at WilMar Trucking. ‘In the first truck, idle time dropped from 47 percent to 18 percent. Based on that result, we added Idle Smart to another two trucks immediately.’

WilMar Trucking, which uses Mack, Peterbilt and Freightliner tractors to haul flatbed loads of lumber, steel and other goods in the Southeast and between Chicago and Texas, performed the Idle Smart pilot during the winter months and expects idle-time savings to increase as the weather gets warmer.

Idle Smart's technology continuously monitors interior and ambient temperatures and starts and stops a vehicle to maintain desired cabin temperature and reduce fuel consumption. The maintenance-free platform includes under-dash and display units, the Idle Smart ProSmart Harness for ECM communication, Idle Smart Fuel Optimization Software and installation components. The unit is transferable between vehicles, the company adds.

WilMar Trucking says it will be deploying Idle Smart among all of its trucks over the next few months.

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