First Station in Utility’s Big CNG Plans Comes Online


Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) and Langdale Fuel have opened the first of several public-access compressed natural gas (CNG) stations as a part of AGL's comprehensive CNG refueling program.

This facility – the first of five that are already under contract through the program – is located at 1628 James P. Rogers Dr. in Valdosta, Ga., in the southern portion of the state. Langdale Fuel, an affiliate of The Langdale Co., built two new CNG fueling ioslands to an existing retail location.

‘Valdosta's proximity to I-75 and its strategic location between Atlanta and Orlando make it a key fueling location for fleets and interstate trucks,’ says Trey Bordelon, Langdale Fuel's general manager.

Langdale Fuel is among three commercial operators that have been awarded funding under AGL's program. Station owners must meet minimum annual sales of CNG over a five-year period and sign a contract with AGL to participate in the program. Station owners pay a pre-negotiated rate to AGL for the use and maintenance of the equipment and sell the CNG to the public at market-based prices.

AGL is also working with the City of Atlanta to develop two CNG stations in that city.

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