First In The U.S.: E15 Ethanol Fuel Flowing In Kansas


The Renewable Fuels Association has announced that the U.S.' first E15 ethanol alternative fuel – a mix of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline – is now being dispensed at a station in Kansas.

‘Alternatives to gasoline are critically important to our nation's energy future, and Americans deserve to have a choice of cost-competitive fuel at the pump,’ says Scott Zaremba, owner of Zarco 66 stations. ‘With the help of the Kansas Corn Commission, East Kansas Agri-Energy and the Renewable Fuels Association, we are pleased to be the first to offer consumers real choice at the pump in the form of E15 ethanol fuel.’

The RFA notes that under present market conditions, E15 will sell for less than E10, as well as gasoline that does not contain ethanol.

Zarco 66 blends fuels on site at its stations, and pumps offering E15 with the proper labeling will also dispense E10 and other ethanol blends via blender pumps. These pumps allow consumers to choose the fuel option that is best for them and their vehicle.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the sale and use of E15 ethanol blends in light-duty vehicles this spring.

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