EV Company Seeking To Put 500 Medium-Duty Electric Trucks Online In CA


Electric Vehicles International (EVI), a leader in electric and hybrid vehicle development and sales, says it is kicking off a new initiative to put 500 all-electric delivery trucks onto California roads.

Using a recent California executive order mandating a more aggressive deployment of zero-emission vehicles as the impetus, EVI will jumpstart its two-year initiative with an existing contract for the delivery of 100 EVs to UPS. The company has also established relationships with fleets such as Pacific Gas & Electric and Frito-Lay.

‘EVI's endeavor is especially critical given the need to improve the air quality in the San Joaquin Valley and support Stockton's job market,’ said Dr. Robert Weisenmiller, chairman of California Energy Commission.

‘Ultra-clean delivery vehicles are ready now for everyday use in our communities,’ added Mary Nichols of the California Air Resources Board.

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