European CNG Refueling Company Steps into the U.S. Market


Fuel Systems Solutions Inc., a company specializing in alternative fuel components and systems, says its Italian subsidiary M.T.M. srl CNG Refueling Division is rolling out the U.S. debut of its CUBOGAS compressed natural gas refueling solutions.

CUBOGAS USA was on hand last month during the ACT EXPO in Washington, D.C., and the company plans on building off that momentum to drive its products and services into the U.S. market.

‘Fuel Systems' CUBOGAS CNG refueling stations draw upon proven technologies that enable cost-efficient future hardware upgrades to support the expectation that fleets are likely to rapidly broaden their use of CNG fuel once they adopt CNG equipment,’ says Mariano Costamagna, Fuel Systems' CEO.

CUBOGAS USA product offerings include power capacities from 50 hp up to 800 hp and refueling capability from 15 GGE/hr to 2,800 GGE/hr. Fuel Systems says it will construct an assembly line at IMPCO Automotive's Sterling Heights, Mich., facility to produce CUBOGAS products for U.S.-based customers.

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