Equilibrium, GGP Select Amp Americas to Manage Arizona Dairy RNG Project


Amp Americas has entered a deal with Equilibrium and Green Gas Partners (GGP) to operate and manage their dairy RNG project in Maricopa, Ariz.

The project, in operation since 2018, was developed by Equilibrium and GGP. It is designed to capture dairy waste from approximately 30,000 milking cows across three dairy farms to generate 100% renewable natural gas (RNG). The RNG is injected into the Kinder Morgan-El Paso natural gas pipeline and purchased by BP for transportation fuel in California.

Through the operations and asset management partnership, Amp Americas is responsible for leading all operations, safety and plant management functions including waste receiving, digestion, biogas generation and injection. In addition to daily operating services, Amp Americas maintains external relationships with the dairies and manages all financial, performance and compliance reporting. 

Since beginning its involvement earlier this year, Amp Americas has worked with Equilibrium to more than double RNG production by addressing a range of issues impacting feedstock collection, plant uptime and throughput. With additional equipment upgrades and performance efficiencies, Amp Americas expects another threefold increase in production by year’s end. Together with Equilibrium, Amp Americas will eventually look to add more dairy farms to increase project output by five times when compared to current levels.

“Amp Americas has been a great operating partner,” says Christian Cochran, vice president of Equilibrium. “Their strong reputation and track record of continually improving operations and asset performance at dairy RNG projects complement Equilibrium’s investments in large-scale projects in the RNG sector. In just a few short months, they’ve assisted in rebuilding parts of the project, advised on our pathway application, and made significant gains in performance and gas production.”

Amp Americas is now operating four of the largest dairy biogas-to-transportation fuel projects in the country, producing a total of over 10 million gallons of RNG annually. The company has developed dairy RNG projects on 12 dairies – and with the addition of this Arizona project – is now processing waste from almost 100,000 cows.

Photo: Christian Cochran

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