Echo Automotive Enhances Hybrid Technology for Fleet Vehicles


Echo Automotive Inc. has debuted a battery electric vehicle (EV) mode to its proprietary EchoDrive hybrid EV technology, which is designed to enable fleet operators to convert their existing vehicles into fuel-efficient hybrids.

Central to the enhanced EchoDrive is ‘multi-power-source selection capability’ that is enabled through high-capacity batteries, the company says. The bolt-on EchoDrive system is now able to operate as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or pure battery EV.

‘In battery EV mode, it's running completely under the propulsion of EchoDrive with the internal combustion engine turned off,’ explains Dan Kennedy, CEO of Echo Automotive.

‘By uniquely configuring each EchoDrive system with different battery capacities and capabilities, such as BEV mode and site power, it allows our fleet customers to not only meet their operational objectives, but also lets the CFO track and realize the fastest payback currently achievable in this sector,’ he adds.

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