Dutch Supermarket Chain Welcomes New LNG Station from Shell


Shell has opened a liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling station in the Netherlands for Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

The new station, located in Pijnacker on the premises of Albert Heijn, is used by delivery trucks that supply products for the supermarket. The station is the result of close collaboration between Shell and Albert Heijn to increase the use of LNG fuel by heavy-duty trucks operating in residential areas.

The facility has a capacity of 70,000 liters (approximately 18,500 gallons) of LNG – enough to fuel 200 trucks per day. To date, the station has already refueled over 650 Albert Heijn delivery trucks.

Customers that supply products to the store can use the euroShell card for their fuel transactions – offering a secure and efficient way to buy fuel and access a range of services.

As of Oct. 1, Shell is supplying the LNG fuel for its truck refueling network in the Netherlands; this facility marks Shell’s fourth LNG station in the country.

“Shell is expanding the network of LNG refueling sites that offer a single-card solution to customers. As the market develops, we will continue to invest in LNG for transport infrastructure development,” says Lauran Wetemans, Shell’s general manager of downstream LNG.

“Albert Heijn is excited to be working with Shell on establishing LNG as a fuel for heavy-duty road transport in the Netherlands,” adds Cees van Vliet, Albert Heijn’s director of shops and distribution. “Our strategy is to reduce the hindrance of our operations to people living next to our supermarkets, where noise level is a very important factor. With LNG trucks, we can also deliver our goods at night when there is less traffic – improving road safety around our shops.”

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