Drive A Diesel In The Bay Area? Fill Up With Biofuel At The Same Price


Propel Fuels and Solazyme Inc. have partnered to bring Solazyme's algae-based Soladiesel BD biofuel to Propel's network of retail renewable-fuel locations in the San Francisco Bay Area via a month-long pilot program.

The companies say the initiative is designed to ‘test consumer response to this advanced renewable fuel.’

‘Propel is committed to providing our customers with access to the highest quality, most sustainable, domestically produced fuels, so we're proud to introduce the next generation of fuels to the retail market,’ says company CEO Matt Horton. ‘Propel's growing station network provides the critical link between these future fuels and today's consumer fuel tanks.’

‘We've successfully demonstrated our land-based fuels in fleet vehicles and corporate buses, and are excited about this pilot program with Propel because it enables us to make these fuels available to the public,’ adds Bob Ames, vice president of fuels for Solazyme.

SoladieselBD, which is fully compatible with existing diesel engines, will be sold at the same price as conventional diesel fuel at Propel's ‘Clean Fuel Points’ in Redwood City, San Jose, Berkeley and Oakland.

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