Dealer Chooses APG’s Natural Gas Dual-Fuel System for New Glider Kits


Iowa-based Harrison Truck Centers (HTC) has selected American Power Group Inc.'s (APG) turbocharged natural gas dual-fuel system for HTC's new dual-fuel heavy-duty and severe-duty glider kit product line.

In collaboration with WheelTime Network's Interstate Power Systems, HTC will install APG's dual-fuel systems and associated natural gas storage tanks at HTC's glider kit production facility in Elk Run Heights, Iowa. Target markets will include heavy-haul on-highway glider kits and HTC's first severe-duty dual-fuel glider kits for the oil and gas, logging, and mining industries.

HTC, a full-service dealership that produces Freightliner glider kits, already offers a dedicated natural gas engine product line.

‘We are truly excited about adding APG's dual-fuel solution as a glider kit option and are even more pleased that we now have a viable mainstream solution to address the underserved high-horsepower natural gas engine market,” states Brian Harrison, HTC's president and CEO.

“With the exception of APG's dual-fuel solution, we have not found a natural gas engine solution above 400 HP that can meet the demands and power performance of heavy-haul and severe-duty vocational trucks, especially in extreme and severe operating environments.’

Harrison says HTC expects dual-fuel glider kits to be rolling off the production line by early summer.

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