Cummins Westport, GM Among Inaugural Advanced Technology Award Winners


Cummins Westport Inc., General Motors, Nissan and Shorepower Technologies each received the inaugural Advanced Technology Award during the OPEC Oil Embargo +40 Summit this week in Washington, D.C.

Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE), a non-partisan policy organization that focuses on energy issues related to transportation and other major sectors, established the Advanced Technology Award to recognize ‘groundbreaking technologies in the marketplace today that are helping to reduce U.S. oil dependence.’

In this regard, Cummins Westport Inc. was acknowledged for its work related to natural gas engines, while Shorepower Technologies was highlighted for its ‘Truck Stop Electrification’ services. Automotive OEMs Nissan and GM were bestowed with the award for their work related to alternative-fuel vehicle – namely, GM's Chevy Volt, Chevy Spark EV and other alt-fuel vehicle's, and Nissan's all-electric LEAF.

‘Both of Cummins Westport's parent companies – Cummins Inc. and Westport Innovations Inc. – have been pioneers in the use of natural gas for transportation for more than 20 years,’ says Jim Arthurs, president of Cummins Westport. ‘We appreciate the recognition of SAFE and the honor of being one of the first recipients of this award.’

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