Compressed Natural Gas Powers Long Island Ambulance


The North Shore-LIJ Health System recently deployed its first ambulance to be powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), working with West Nyack, N.Y.-based Clean Vehicle Solutions to convert the vehicle.

Paul Power, assistant director of operations for the health system's Center for Emergency Medical Services, says that right now, CNG is about $2 cheaper per gallon than diesel or gasoline. Annual fuel savings will likely exceed $6,000, putting the payback period of the $20,000 natural gas conversion at about three years.

‘It's also important to diversify our fueling options for our fleets, especially after the crippling gas shortage during superstorm Sandy,’ Power said. ‘After the hurricane, all CNG stations were open.’

He notes that the organization is acquiring another CNG ambulance, which will be online in a few months.

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