Company Wants a More Robust CNG Equipment Manufacturing Presence


Cobey Inc., a Buffalo, N.Y.-based designer and manufacturer of compression equipment and related technologies, is eyeing the expansion of its business to include more activity in the compressed natural gas (CNG) sector.

This week, the Western New York Power Proceeds Allocation Board (WNYPPAB) recommended Cobey for approximately $180,000 in state funding to support an overall $900,000 project that will see the company grow its footprint in the manufacturing and testing of CNG equipment.

The WNYPPAB says that although the use of CNG in the transportation sector in the state is growing, New York-based companies interested in CNG often need to source their equipment from Pennsylvania or elsewhere. A project like Cobey's, however, would bring a supply of CNG equipment to western New York itself.

Cobey is envisioning an expansion – in partnership with energy company NOCO – that will create CNG manufacturing, testing and training capabilities in nearby Tonawanda, N.Y. Two to three dozen new job would be created.

The New York Power Authority is expected to review the WNYPPAB's funding recommendation next month.

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