Companies Team To Power Spain Railways With Renewable Energy


ACCIONA says it will supply renewable energy-based electricity for more than 70% of Spain-based Adif's HT electricity requirements for managing numerous high-speed rail (HSR) and Iberian-gauge railway lines.

The lines involved are the HSR lines of Madrid-Barcelona, Madrid-Seville and Madrid-Valladolid; the Madrid and Barcelona regional railway networks; the conventional-gauge lines of Madrid-Galicia-Asturias-Basque Country, and Alcazar de San Juan-Andalusia; as well as the electricity supply for a range of buildings, stations and other Adif facilities.

ACCIONA Green Energy, an ACCIONA subsidiary dedicated to energy sales, will supply the electricity in 2012. Under the agreement, Adif will consume an estimated 2,115 GWh's worth of ACCIONA Green Energy clean energy.

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