Companies Join Forces on LNG Solution for U.S. Ship Owners


Siemens Drilling and Marine, Dresser-Rand – A Siemens Business, and Lloyd’s Register (LR) say they have partnered to offer U.S. ship owners an end-to-end solution to guarantee availability of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as marine propulsion fuel.

The alliance says that by providing the entire supply chain from natural gas procurement to liquefaction and delivery of LNG to new-building or retrofitting, the collaboration will remove obstacles that can hold back widespread adoption of LNG as the marine fuel of choice.

According to Lloyd’s Register, there are approximately 40 to 50 LNG-fueled vessels globally, but strong growth is predicted. Much of this proposed growth is driven by increased emissions regulations, including stringent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency compliance requirements for marine customers operating across the North American Emissions Control Area.

David Grucza of Siemens Drilling and Marine says the integrated solution “will remove the chicken-and-egg hurdle from the LNG equation.”

“This is a disruptive concept for the maritime industry, and the technology exists for immediate adoption,” he continues. “This joint solution is not limited geographically, and we stand ready to support the marine industry globally, although our initial focus is on deploying U.S. shale gas.”

The initial end-to-end solution offered to the North American inland and coastal waterways community comprises the following elements designed and engineered by naval engineering firms Waller Marine Inc. (WMI) and The Shearer Group Inc. (TSGI), respectively, and will be constructed by Conrad Industries shipyard in Texas:

– Land-based and/or floating LNGo-liquefaction barge;
– LNG bunkering barge (C-Type tanks with up to 2,500 m3 capacity); and
– 4,200 or higher horsepower river Pushboat.

“Lloyd’s Register is well placed to support a new fleet of gas-fueled ships – and help them to operate safely and efficiently,” says Mark Darley, Americas regional marine manager and president of Lloyd’s Register North America.

Image: The partners say the LNGo solution is a mobile liquid natural gasification facility for land-based or water-based bunkering and streamlines the permitting process. Since LNGo is mobile, it can be easily moved if a bunkering site does not work well and needs to be changed, the partners add.

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