Combined CNG And LNG Refueling Site Over The Horizon In Blythe, CA


The California Energy Commission is looking into a grant application from Blackhawk Logistics LLC that seeks funding to help develop a public-access liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling facility in Blythe, Calif.

The company, a joint venture between HayDay Farms Inc. and Border Valley Trading Ltd., says the station will serve Blackhawk Logistics' fleet of 40 heavy-duty natural gas vehicles, as well as those from fleets such as Swift, Western Milling, Apex Bulk Commodities, Mallet and Sons, Coachella Valley Ice Co., the Palo Verde Irrigation District, and the City of Blythe. The public would also have access to the facility.

The CEC says Blythe's closest public-access fueling stations are 100 miles away in El Centro and 120 miles away in Palm Springs. ‘Therefore, this public-access station will fill an important gap in natural gas availability for natural gas vehicle users looking to travel lengthy distances along the I-10 and or through the Imperial Valley,’ the commission notes.

The proposed facility, which will cost approximately $1,725,000, will be built on vacant property located at 450 S. Willow St. Estimates suggest that by 2015, the station will pump enough natural gas to replace more than 750,000 gallons of diesel annually.

The public review and comment period is open until Dec. 7. The CEC's decision on the grant is planned to occur at a public meeting on Dec. 12.

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